What information do I need to register a company?

To register a company, you will need the following details:

  • A company name
  • Address of the registered office
  • Address of the principal place of business
  • Details of each director and secretary, including full name, address, date and place of birth
  • Details of each shareholder and the number of shares held (there must not be more than 50 shareholders)


Who can register a company in Australia?

Any one can apply for and register an Australian company. Please note that at least one director of the company must be a resident in Australia and the company's registered office address must be an Australian address. Post office boxes cannot be used for registered addresses.


How long does it take to register a company?

Provided there are no validation errors and no manual approval by ASIC is required, you will receive your ASIC certificate of registration within 30 minutes of submission. If manual approval is required, the response will be provided within 24-48 hours.


What is the difference between a company and a business name?

A company is a separate legal entity, whereas a business name is only a trading name. Companies provide limited liability and some taxation benefits.


What documents will I be provided with following company registration?

You will be emailed pdfs of the following documents:

  • Original ASIC Certificate of Incorporation
  • Company Constitution
  • Copy of Form 201
  • Consent(s) of Director(s) (and a secretary, if one has been appointed)
  • Minutes of meeting of directors appointing a public officer (if applicable)
  • Registered Office Consent Form (if applicable)
  • Application(s) for Shares
  • Share Certificate(s)
    Will be generated for each member and are given individual serial numbers.
  • Register of Members


What is the refunds policy?

Limited refunds of our fees will only occur in exceptional circumstances. Any ASIC fees paid and charged for by ASIC as per ASIC’s policies are not refundable. For any requests of refunds, please email us on support@apply2register.com.au. Refunds will be given at our discretion.

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