$109 plus GST plus Stamp Duty*







Specified Beneficiary 1


Additional Members of the Class of Beneficiaries 1


Additional Income Beneficiaries 1



Unit Holder 1



Discretionary Trust

  • When all income can be distributed to the beneficiaries listed in the Trust Deed

Unit Trust

  • Has fixed number of units
  • Operates similar to a company


  • Please ensure that all details are accurate in the form above prior to submitting it.
  • A Trust is not a separate legal entity, but a separation of beneficial interests
  • A Trust has some taxation benefits
  • Please obtain taxation advice from a qualified accountant in relation to the taxation consequences of using a Trust structure for your business
  • Save 26% on Trust creationOur Best Price Guarantee 

*Stamp duty is payable on creation of discretionary and unit trusts (payable by you directly to the relevant State Revenue Office after you receive the trust documents from us): Vic $200 payable within 30 days; NSW $500 plus $10 per counterpart payable within 90 days; NT $20 plus $5 per counterpart payable within 60 days; TAS $50 payable within 90 days; SA, WA, QLD & ACT - no stamp duty payable (subject to change by the relevant State or Territory legislation or authority)


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